Concordium Continues to Grow

Our tech and science teams are at the core of our project. Currently, we have 28 developers and scientists working on the development of our protocol and software stack, and we have 24 more open positions to be filled as our growth continues. One good thing about the recent Bitcoin and Ethereum market volatility is that top-notch developers are getting easier to find. Many of the failed/failing ICO projects have made it easier for us to find good programmers

Our PR and marketing team has been staffing up, and we are starting to create more visibility for the Concordium project. A revamp of our website is also underway. If you have website feedback or want to want to be added to our media list, please contact

We’re hiring! We are always looking for smart, eager people who don’t know how to give up. Take a look at our Careers page, or send your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to