Hans Gersbach Joins Concordium Advisory Board

One of the most important puzzles to solve for Concordium is our tokenomics model — how we make sure we build a system where every participant gets rewarded for keeping the Concordium network up and running.

We are extremely pleased to welcome Professor Hans Gersback of ETH Zurich to our team and Advisory Board. Hans will work closely with our tech and business development teams to design our tokenomics model.

Hans Gersbach is Professor of Macroeconomics (Innovation and Policy) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and a CEPR Research Fellow. His research interests include monetary economics, banking, innovation and growth, and the design of new economic and political institutions. He has invented several voting and election schemes such as Assessment Voting, Co-Voting and History-bound Elections.

His long-term objective is to implement new forms of democracy and to establish a complete, consistent and well-functioning governance system for blockchains. Theoretical foundations for his more recent work have been published in two monographs: “Redesigning Democracy: More Ideas for Better Rules” and “Groups and Markets” (co-authored with Hans Haller).

Hans Gersbach also serves in the Scientific Advisory of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and was recently awarded the Science Prize of the City of Basel for his outstanding research.