Concordium: The world’s first ID/KYC ready blockchain network

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  • Identity compliant

    A business-friendly ID/KYC-enabled blockchain ledger designed to capture and log any sort of transaction.

  • Science based

    State-of-the-art cryptography running a new proof-of-stake protocol and cutting edge transaction privacy based on zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Developer oriented

    A simple, flexible and extremely versatile smart-contract development kit. Developer Support Program including smart contract certification, app store and library.

  • GTU Tokens

    A new cryptocurrency and a network designed to deliver consistent rewards to participating network clients, developers and partners while delivering ultra-low transaction costs.

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Our vision

The Concordium Foundation’s goal is to make the Concordium Network the world’s first ubiquitous, standardized, easy-to-use and fully compliant blockchain network designed to provide both a solid store of value and the global backbone for keeping track of the world’s transactions. The whole idea behind the Concordium Network is to create what will in essence become an automated global market place for transaction logging– a resource any user, company, business or public sector agency can tap into in order to run smart contracts and other services–and where doing so leads to considerable efficiency gains and cost savings while at the same time fueling the intrinsic economy of the Concordium Network and creating network growth by rewarding participants for enabling the networks operation.

The Future Belongs to a New Generation of Blockchains

In the estimation of the Concordium Foundation and the Concordium team we are at the threshold of a new paradigm in blockchain development––one that will change the overall tenor of the space and leave older blockchains and cryptocurrencies behind in the wake of a new generation of more business-focused projects.

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