Our vision for a safer future

Building a safer tomorrow

Creating a future based on trust, privacy and safety with blockchain technology.

ID & AI Accountability

Concordium ID & AI Accountability: A New Era of Digital Integrity

At the heart of AI innovation and digital twin creation, accountability and transparency are paramount. Concordium's Web3ID emerges as a pivotal tool for AI companies, offering a robust framework for issuing digital certificates.

It's all about trust.

Identity matters now more than ever as most of our lives are lived digitally, but how can you tell if you are dealing with a real person or what you are dealing with on the other side?

Data ownership

Innovative blockchain opportunities

A foundation of security and performance designed by expert scientists

The Concordium Blockchain Research Centre Aarhus is the beating heart of blockchain innovation nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of Aarhus University. Concordium´s talented science and engineering team is weaving the threads of cryptography, sculpting ingenious protocols and security models.

All research performed in the center is open-source and patent-free and will help build a solid foundation for the entire blockchain space.

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Identity-centric L1 blockchain
Zero-knowledge proof and identity
Swiss / Scandinavian based
Energy-efficient blockchain

Pathways of possibility

Diverse development potential

Concordium´s innovative blockchain is ideal for building ID-centred and privacy-preserving solutions across verticals such as Web3, ESG, Supply Chain, AI, and many more.

With a supportive development infrastructure, our platform holds vast potential that can be used with full certainty by developers from all fields.

The Concordium platform is the trustworthy path to a safer digital future.

Wallet interoperability across devices

Seamless Transaction Management

Use the Concordium wallet securely from your phone, laptop, or computer on any Chromium browser. Easily connect to dApps, manage tokens, and easily bake and delegate on the Concordium blockchain.

Easily connect to dApps, manage tokens, bake and delegate.


Trustworthy infrastructure

A supportive ecosystem of possibilities

Concordium is the most regulation-ready blockchain due to the ID component, which balances privacy and accountability.

The Concordium Foundation empowers developers of all types with extensive technical and commercial support to build innovative solutions. From Decentralized Finance to games, Concordium lays the bedrock for the entire Web3 cosmos.

In Concordium you don't just hold an asset; you become an active participant in a thriving ecosystem. Every transaction rewards you, ensuring that businesses have a robust, secure network for their operations.



Concordium’s Roadmap

Currently, Concordium is fostering a Minimum Viable Ecosystem through a hyper-focused effort to identify, enhance, and promote the features that can interplay to create a self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem with positive network effects.

Participate in our network


By staking your tokens, you support the blockchain and participate in rewards.


As a validator, you participate in the creation and production of new blocks and participate in rewards.


By delegating your tokens to a validator, you are able to participate in rewards without running a node yourself.

Behind Concordium

Our Vision

A safer, sustainable digital world for everyone, enabled by a science-backed,environmentally responsible Layer 1 blockchain that unlocks new possibilities for individuals, industries, and Institutions.

Concordium's vision is to build a safer digital world where privacy, verifiability, and responsibility are paramount and make blockchain truly global.