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Concordium at a Glance

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Concordium offers a trustable state-of-the-science solution with self-sovereign identification at the protocol level and confidentiality using Zero Knowledge Proof cryptography.


Concordium Blockchain is designed and built to provide a distributed execution platform that supports regulatory compliance for Fintech and other industries. Network fees are low, predictable and stable in Euro terms.

Concordium proposes the most trustable state-of-the-science solution with self-sovereign identification at the protocol level and confidentiality thanks to ZKP cryptography.

A high performing distributed execution environment for everyone

Privacy-centric, public Blockchain

Concordium exhibits top-tier features in throughput, speed, security, and stability as a state-of-the-science blockchain.


Concordium’s dual consensus mechanism finalizes a given transaction in the following block. The finalization layer is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant agreement between qualified nodes.


The choice of a Nakamoto-style Proof of Stake mechanism as the first layer of consensus offers the best guarantee of network resistance to attacks while minimizing energy consumption.

Decentralized and permissionless

Concordium is a public network open for everyone to join. It is suitable for decentralized use-cases, where the distributed system can operate without trusted third parties.


Network fees are designed to be stable (in Fiat terms) and predictable thanks to an oracle that feeds in the CCD/€ price.

Using Concordium

Privacy-centric, public Blockchain

The Concordium blockchain offers a distributed execution platform for participants of various ecosystems to move their business relations from inefficient legacy platforms and automate their interactions without intermediaries. These ecosystems become more transparent, and markets become more efficient by digitizing assets and transacting securely on the distributed ledger using programmable settlements.

Here is how Concordium brings value:


Confidentiality and accountability are two core expectations when transacting globally. The Concordium network supports these principles while enabling the respect of regulatory requirements.


End-users of distributed applications have the opportunity to adopt the first and sole blockchain that bridges between the current regulatory-compliant financial world and the new DeFi world.

Public authorities

Public authorities have a mandate to protect people and prosecute criminals. Most jurisdictions consider that this involves controlling some areas of financial flux. Concordium provides mechanisms for legitimate official agencies to investigate.

Running on Concordium

Trust in tomorrow

The Concordium blockchain relies on various actors who play different roles.

Builders and Distributed Application Developers

Concordium offers a unique environment to build decentralized applications and shared tools using powerful programming languages (Rust, WASM and Haskell). Examples of the different kinds of distributed applications that developers can build on top of Concordium include:

Asset Issuance, tokenization
Decentralized finance (automated market making, borrowing and lending, decentralized exchanges) and GameFi
Identity Governance Administration (IGA) and Privacy Enhancement Technologies (PET)
Supply chain traceability and business settlement
Insurance contracts and predictive markets

Node Operators

Node operators, also known as “Bakers”, run the Concordium Node Client software on their computer or on a dedicated server.

Upon staking a determined amount of CCDs, they are entitled to take part into the chain consensus
Thereby, they “bake” (i.e. validate) blocks and secure the network
Bakers are rewarded for their commitment and work with a share of the network fees and newly minted  coins proportional to their stake
Bakers staking more than 0,1% of the circulating tokens are eligible to participate in the block finalization

Accountability & Confidentiality

Permissionless, compliance-ready blockchain

Confidentiality functionality of Concordium is the cornerstone of its value-proposition. Beyond the excellence of the consensus algorithm and other technical features, it is the A&C approach that the most differentiate Concordium from the other blockchain platforms.
In a nutshell:

Before transacting on the blockchain, every account on the Concordium network must be linked to a real identity that is verified by Identity Verifiers.
Transactions on Concordium are made anonymous, thanks to Zero-Knowledge-Proof (ZKP) cryptography, so that users benefit from effective privacy in their interactions and businesses.
However, if a legitimate official law-enforcement agency decides to investigate a suspicious transaction, it may turn to "Anonymity Revokers" that have the ability to reveal only the details of the account relevant to the investigation. The identity of the owner then can be disclosed with the help of the Identity Verifier.
This approach allows developers to be confident that their distributed applications built on Concordium can withstand regulatory scrutiny (in particular for DeFi applications).

This is the average finalization time for a transaction on Concordium, after which the risk of roll-back is prevented.

peer-reviewed science papers

This impressive scientific background from top notch universities in Europe and Asia is at the base of Concordium technological excellence.

kWh / year

This is the energy cost to run a node on Concordium: the equivalent of one full charge of an electric car, or 12 litres of gasoline. Concordium continually works to be a sustainable platform. Running a Concordium node uses vastly less energy than alternative platforms that use PoW (Proof of Work).

"Concordium supports regulatory compliance with built-in user identity at the protocol level, allowing businesses to harness the power of blockchain technology."

Lars Seier Christensen
Chairman of the Concordium Foundation

Concordium Wallets

Trust in tomorrow
Concordium Wallet are available on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu.

Mobile Wallet


Desktop Wallet

Concordium Technical Roadmap

The compliance-ready public blockchain for all

Our roadmap is a dynamic and living path, like all engineering work is. Here is an overview showcasing the journey on which Concordium is engaged in order to deliver on its promises.

Alfa Centauri
Alfa Centauri
Q2, 2021
  • Mainnet launch
  • 2-layer Consensus Protocol
  • Account creation based on validated identity
  • Private and encrypted transaction
  • Anonymity recovery by authorities to support regulatory requirements
  • Smart Contracts written in Rust (Wasm-on-chain language)
  • Mobile wallet (iOS / Android)
  • Desktop wallet with keys protected in Ledger
Q1, 2022
  • Delegation to pools and lock-up pool  
  • Memo functionality on transactions and possibility for sub accounts 
  • Token standards - design patterns for token development (CIS-1)
  • Smart contract templates - accelerated development
  • Update of smart contract framework - configurable sizing and sync calls
  • ID libraries - activate ID attribute functionality on-chain
  • Concordium Explorer - blockchain data in presentable format
  • Mobile Wallet usability upgrade
  • Exchange and custodian wallet integration
  • Software Development Kits - Go, .NET,  NodeJS extension for Dapp development
  • Local Development environments beta for smart contract development
  • JSON-RPC Node interface
  • Ecosystem Portal - Concordium matchmaking
  • Improve developer documentation
Later on
  • Scalability through sharding beta
  • Additional key management features and account policy
  • Tools for decentralized node governance 
  • Token swapping mechanism
  • Bi-directional bridge - connecting CCD to the wider ecosystem and bringing stablecoins to Concordium
  • Oracle support - connecting CCD to mainstream finance
  • Web based wallet -  full CCD functionality supporting Dapps and Identity management
  • Local development environment for smart contract development
  • Smart Contract Development framework - compile, test, deploy workflow 
  • Extensive web3.js library
  • Smart contract libraries 
  • Asset store and developer portal upgrade
  • Smart contract reference implementations
  • Standardized Cloud and IPFS storage integrations
Later on
  • Initial formal verification of smart contracts
  • Additional smart-contract languages - smart contract compilers
  • State proofs to improve node queries and restart
  • New consensus protocols - configurable consensus
  • Data stores - blockchain data indexer for real time queries
  • Node hosting and exposure
  • Regulatory and compliance assets - Compliance as a service
  • Transaction monitoring as a Service
  • Smart contract reference implementations
  • Workbench integrations
  • Web and desktop based smart contract IDE
  • Decentralization governance framework
  • Asset store and developer portal upgrade
Later on
  • Software certification
  • Anonymous transfers with accountability
  • Reward mechanism update 
  • Randomness for smart contracts
  • Workbench integrations
  • Automated backend infrastructure for Dapp development
  • Decentralized product governance contributions

Grant Programs

This ambitious program is running in an open-source way and aims to fund projects that support both the Concordium Ecosystem and the RustLang Ecosystem.
The Concordium Free & Open Grants Program seeks to allocate resources to open-source developers and projects that are beneficial to the advancement of the Concordium ecosystem.

Grant program

Concordium Team

Trust in tomorrow

Concordium brings together world-class cryptographic researchers, outstanding software engineers, and business leaders with global enterprise experience across multiple disciplines and industries. Thanks to this unique mix of competencies and backgrounds, the women and men of Concordium together thrive to enable the bridge between science, development, and day-to-day usage.

Concordium Press Releases

Permissionless, compliance-ready blockchain

Press releases from Concordium.

Jan 25, 2022
Media mentions

Concordium Joins Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN)

Concordium Joins Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN)

Concordium, the first layer-1 blockchain with built-in protocol level user identity, becomes a member of SiBAN to provide sovereignty and social justice for the future economy via its regulatory compliant blockchain solution.

Jan 24, 2022
Media mentions

Arivu announces partnership with Concordium for a blockchain-based ESG platform to eradicate greenwashing

Arivu announces partnership with Concordium for a blockchain-based ESG platform to eradicate greenwashing

Arivu and Concordium announce a partnership for an innovative blockchain-based ESG platform to tackle emerging ESG regulation and compliance challenges, and eradicate greenwashing.

Jan 17, 2022
Media mentions

Crypto Needs to Get Real About Compliance

Crypto Needs to Get Real About Compliance

To achieve mainstream adoption, crypto needs to work with existing financial regulations—which is why Concordium's blockchain is designed with built-in regulatory compliance.

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