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About Concordium

Concordium is a science-based proof-of-stake blockchain created for all, with in particular business applications in mind.
It is the blockchain with identification built into the protocol to meet regulatory requirements, while delivering a user-friendly platform that can handle smart contracts.
Concordium is developed by professionals with global multi-sector experience and in collaboration with top tier academic research centers.
The network will eventually be fully decentralized, the code open source, and further development will be orchestrated through an appropriate governance mechanism.

Our vision

The future is uncertain. But whatever is to come, some things remain the same. If we work together, we get further than ever. There has always been, and will always be a separation between our private and our public world. And technology continues to drive the evolution of our society, culture and economy.

Concordium has spent years researching and building with these certainties in mind. Creating a blockchain that’s made for bridging in harmony between the traditional world and future economy  - by being compliant by design.

A blockchain that’s made for the real world – with private and public transactions.
A blockchain that’s made for global adoption – with high throughput, fast transactions and predictable fees.
And a blockchain that’s made to be trustworthy – with layer one ID.

The future is uncertain, but what is certain is that Concordium is made for the best possible version, and is ready to disrupt the world.

Concordium. Made for the Future Economy.

"Concordium supports regulatory compliance with built-in user identity at the protocol level, allowing businesses to harness the power of blockchain technology."

Lars Seier Christensen
Chairman of the Concordium Foundation

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most important innovations in recent times.

The technology will rationalize financial systems and support user-owned platforms, provenance, and rights registration. However, the technology needs to mature in respect to safety, accountability, and usability before mainstream business will start building true infrastructure on blockchains.

Concordium will provide this mature blockchain technology to the world.


Grant Programs

This ambitious program is running in an open-source way and aims to fund projects that support both the Concordium Ecosystem and the RustLang Ecosystem.
The Concordium Free & Open Grants Program seeks to allocate resources to open-source developers and projects that are beneficial in particular to the advancement of the Concordium ecosystem.

Concordium Leaders

Concordium brings together world-class cryptographic researchers, outstanding software engineers, and business leaders with global enterprise experience across multiple disciplines and industries enabling the bridge between science, development, and users.

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Where you’ll find us

Trust in tomorrow
Concordium Headquarters

Concordium Headquarters

Bahnhofstrasse 20 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Concordium Visiting Office

Concordium Visiting Office

Rennweg 57, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Concordium Research ApS

Concordium Research ApS

Aabogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
Concordium Visiting Office

Concordium Visiting Office

Amaliegade 4, 1256 Copenhagen, Denmark
Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus (COBRA), Aarhus University

Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus (COBRA), Aarhus University

Aarhus University, Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

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