AesirX and Concordium support global businesses with new legal Analytics and SSO technology


AesirX is supporting global businesses by creating and offering to implement customized technology packages that will help with two of the biggest online security problems they face. The first is third-party non-compliant web Analytics that may be breaking regional cybersecurity laws. The second is one of the most common internet attacks - automated password-breaking attempts, also known as brute force. Both issues can easily be resolved with 1st-party Analytics, which creates a legal and compliant data foundation, and with Concordium zero Knowledge ID-based Single Sign On tool.AesirX and Concordium have partnered to offer the world's first Single Sign On supporting Concordium’s zero knowledge ID layer.With new security laws globally, like GDPR in Europe (that actually affects all countries), and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), collecting and storing personal data online must be done compliantly.We all know that BigTech has been criticized for a long time for collecting too much information about Internet users, using aggressive third-party tracking, and sharing information where it shouldn’t be. ‘Leading’ Analytics providers have raised some of the most serious privacy concerns to date, and in recent years, companies have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for not being legal.AesirX privacy-first technology and Concordium zero Knowledge ID Layer resolve two of the biggest security issues of the internet - data abuse and password breaking. Online data is primarily collected using 3rd-party JavaScript, which means it’s loaded from another domain name and is in fact in violation of GDPR and regional legislation. Also, one of the most common attacks on the web is automated password-breaking attempts against website administration interfaces, with up to 100+ million attempts every day.AesirX Analytics + AesirX BIBoth technologies provide legal 1st-party web Analytics for 1st-party data insights and Business Intelligence for any organization across multiple platforms and devices. AesirX Analytics and BI come with a locally hosted JavaScript solution that collects and stores data in-country legally and compliantly.AesirX SSO with Concordium zK IDAesirX SSO + Concordium zK ID Layer ensures zero Knowledge-based security, and it can also be enabled for all users of any site, shop or app to allow for optional secure login using zK security. No personal information is exchanged and there are no known ways of brute forcing access usually seen with Content Management Systems.“AesirX privacy-first technology is a step forward to a new era of solving some of the biggest security issues of the internet,” says Torben Kaaber, Concordium’s Head of Commercial. “With this partnership, we continue to build on our commitment to trust and privacy, while supporting game-changing projects in our blockchain like AesirX.”For a limited time, AesirX is offering 50% off all tiers until January 31, 2023, and free basic implementation on the Enterprise edition. Tiers are: Open Source/Community $0, Starter $49 (now $24.50), Team $99 (now $49.50) Growth $249 (now $124.50), Enterprise $1000 (now $500).Through their local Partners, AesirX also offers the implementation of three technology packages using their Open Source tier technology in combination with Concordium’s zero knowledge proof technology to ease regulatory compliance and increase security. The low-cost one-off payment includes customizing the technology with themes and branding, and packaging them together for easy implementation, and powerful results:1: AesirX SSO with Concordium zK ID layer fully customized for $995.2: AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) fully customized for $995.3: Or combine both packages (all 3 products) for only $1490 and save $500.

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