CNS Domains Transfer Guide

November 1, 2023

This article is intended to help you correctly fill out the form to transfer your domain name. To complete the transfer process, you will need to fill out a form. The form consists of 6 points, 5 of which are mandatory. Please read this article carefully to correctly fill out the form. Below are instructions for completing each field on the form corresponding to the question numbers.

1. Email address. Be sure to leave a valid email address — if necessary, Concordium will contact you to clarify any missing details.

2. The address of your Legacy wallet account that is the owner of the domain(s) you wish to transfer — here you must indicate the address of the account that you used when minting domains. You can find the account address in your Cryptox wallet (or Legacy Concordium wallet).

3. Domain name(s) owned by a Legacy wallet account — specify all domain names that your Legacy wallet account owns.

If you don’t remember your domain name:

  • Manually find the transaction in your wallet where you minted the domain name. Period — ~September 2022. The name of the transaction is “Invoke Smart Contract”. The Smart Contract address is 7073 or 7083.
  • Copy the transaction hash and find transaction in unofficial explorer
  • In the search results, you will see the domain name that is owned by your account and that was registered during this transaction.
  • Repeat the operation for each of your domain names

4. The address of your new wallet account to which you want to transfer domain(s) — Specify the address of your new account to which you would like to transfer the domain name. Be sure to use an account created in the new Concordium Blockchain wallet (or an account created in the web version of the wallet) with seed phrase support. You can view instructions for creating an account here

5. Transaction hash. To confirm account ownership and make the transfer process resistant to fraudulent actions, send a transaction on behalf of the account that owns the domains (that is, specified in point number 2) with a value of 1 CCD to the Concordium Foundation address and provide the transaction hash. The Concordium Foundation address is provided on the form.

If you have something to tell us in addition to the requested information, leave comments in the last field.