Concordium and XONE partner to bring web3 privacy and identity to the entertainment industry

XONE launches their platform publically and has collaborated with band ‘easy life’ to create immersive 3D experience in new form of fan engagement

May 9, 2023

XONE launches their platform publically and has collaborated with band ‘easy life’ to create immersive 3D experience in new form of fan engagement

Concordium and XONE, a mobile game that brings people together through music and entertainment, today announced a partnership that brings web3 security and identity solutions to the entertainment industry. XONE’s platform empowers anyone to build and publish 3D mobile gaming experiences which delight audiences and create new revenue opportunities through blockchain technology, while Concordium enables individuals and businesses to navigate Web3 confidently with verifiable self-sovereign data ownership and secure transactions at low cost.

XONE’s core offering is a no-code creator studio that allows artists and fans to create virtual spaces, assets, and experiences. In addition to creating, XONE also offers a suite of social tools enabling connection and shared exploration of virtual spaces. As such, XONE chose the Concordium blockchain to protect and verify digital identities, digital assets, and other sensitive information. The Concordium blockchain has an identity layer built into the core protocol that means the real-world identity of all XONE users is verified, with advanced zero-proof technology ensuring that users' personal information remains safe and secure.

The native $XONE token is being developed for launch later this year following  Concordium’s CCD Interoperability Standard (CIS-2), ensuring regulatory compliance and applicability for it both on the XONE platform and across Concordium´s ecosystem DeFi protocols. It will power and unlock more experiences on the XONE platform, allowing users to purchase virtual goods and collectibles and access virtual events.

XONE’s next milestone is the public launch of its product, in addition to a collaboration with Island Records-signed band easy life and its music industry partners to launch a first-of-its-kind immersive experience for music fans. Dubbed the "dream house", the experience brings the band's latest album artwork to life in 3D and allows fans to engage with easy life inside a mobile-based virtual world.

The immersive 3D world based on the cover artwork from easy life's latest album release, "maybe in another life", allows fans to enter the surreal dream house world as their virtual avatars, play minigames and explore and discover easy life branded collectibles. To take interactivity to the next level, fans can use XONE’s drag-and-drop builder tool to build their own easy life-inspired rooms inside the house and compete for the best fan room.

James Shannon, CEO of XONE, said:

“In order to onboard the next generation of fans into web3, it's extremely important to make sure their identity and data are secure. Concordium is the ideal partner for XONE to provide higher levels of privacy and assurance to the places where fans and artists meet inside the virtual world.”

Torben Kaaber, Head of Commercial, Concordium, said:

“We love the idea of a mobile social game with a secure ID framework provided by Concordium. This exciting partnership brings together a robust and sustainable blockchain and a true entertainment innovator, all for the benefit of an engaging and secure user experience.”

XONE is also backed by PL Ventures, a venture arm of Protocol Labs, and Outlier Ventures. Since its founding in 2014, Protocol Labs has been a prolific incubator and backer of leading web3 startups, supporting hundreds of founders in raising more than $1B in external capital to date. The team offers tailored support to the community via privileged technical support, workshops, mentorship, and additional invite-only support to founders in the Web3 sector.

Brad Holden, Investments at PL Ventures, said:

"Since its inception in 2021, XONE has built a strong reputation as a pioneer in mobile 3D worlds. Their platform does what the internet should do for all: bring us together and empower us to collaborate, form meaningful connections, and celebrate culture. We've been excited by this team from day one, and we continue to look forward to what they do next in building spaces and experiences for the open internet."

About XONE

XONE is trailblazing the path to democratizing immersive mobile music experiences, giving small and large creators alike the tools to build, soundtrack and share 3D spaces in minutes, aiming to become the most user friendly and inclusive platform in existence. XONEs consumer facing builder features intuitive drag and drop controls through which creating soundscaped virtual worlds becomes effortless and enjoyable. Alongside their builder, XONE includes typical social media features such as hosted events, followers, chats and a content feed, providing all the tools needed to cultivate purpose-driven communities.Download the XONE app from the App Store or Google Play Store.