Concordium announces partnership with web3 gaming portal Mana Games


Mana Games, a multi-chain Web3 game launcher and social eSports application, will now introduce an unique win-to-earn P2P competition model with Identity built on the Concordium Blockchain.Mana Games lets players create, compete, and earn tokens and NFTs through next generation peer-to-peer eSports challenges and tournaments, with one of its goals being to bring Web3 advantages to Web2 games. The new feature, set to launch by the end of January, will allow players to compete in Web2 AAA games and earn Web3 rewards.Concordium is the only layer-1 blockchain with a built-in self sovereign ID framework, designed to balance privacy with accountability and usher in a brand new era of trust creation. By implementing Concordium’s Web3 ID in their win-to-earn model, Mana Games is both enhancing user security verification and streamlining the payment process for tournaments’ winners, which will prepare Mana Games for future regulations to come.Mana Games envisions Web3 guilds competing against one another in large scale competitions, with matches tracked in real time and the correlating reward system changing the way players engage with their favorite games and interact with one another. Additionally, gamers will have the opportunity to compete in Web2 games for a chance to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and to leverage their skills to maximize their income by joining an existing challenge, or creating their own to compete against their friends.Joseph Tran from Mana Games says: “We’re excited to leverage the Concordium blockchain capabilities and work with the amazing games built within this ecosystem. 2023 will be a pivotal year for Web3 gaming and eSports!”

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