Concordium partners with to Bolster Trust in AI and Machine Learning Applications

The collaboration will integrate Concordium's advanced blockchain into's GRACE platform to facilitate secure and transparent AI model governance powering enhanced use cases such as ESG validation Cham

July 20, 2023

Concordium, the Layer 1, science-backed blockchain creating a safer digital world, has today announced a partnership with, a development house supporting projects at the cutting edge of innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This partnership comes at a time when the AI sector is experiencing rapid adoption and is aimed at offering a framework to build secure and trustworthy AI models.

By integrating Concordium's blockchain into the platform, GRACE, data validation and audit trails for AI will be significantly enhanced, allowing for new and interesting use cases such as ESG Validation, MiCA compliance and EU-AI-Act. The integration allows developers to streamline dataset validation and AI auditing across diverse use cases., a global catalyst for the AI industry, has fostered numerous projects ranging from cancer research to supply chain management. The platform harnesses data science and technological prowess to streamline information systems and support machine learning applications.

As the AI sector evolves and regulatory standards tighten, machine learning platforms need transparent and robust data validation tools to guarantee the quality of AI-generated content, serving use cases such as ESG Validation. Concordium provides this assurance through its Governance Layer Service, adaptable to specific legal frameworks such as the forthcoming Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) Regulation in the EU.

Kåre Kjelstrøm, Chief Technical Officer at Concordium, commented:

“It is part of our mission to help create a secure digital landscape, and as such we are thrilled to be partnering to facilitate greater trust in machine learning applications. Backed by Concordium’s regulatory compliant protocol, AI developers will have the tools to establish transparent and accurate governance frameworks, which will expand the potential use cases for machine learning applications.”

Rasmus Hauch, Chief Technical Officer at 2021.AI, commented:

“As the AI industry evolves, we continually seek ways to improve our offerings. Our collaboration with Concordium paves the way for a secure, tamper-proof environment for implementing ESG validation, ensuring overall AI compliance, and opening up new use cases. It’s a significant leap forward, empowering organizations to construct, launch, and operate AI and blockchain applications responsibly.”

Developers can now utilize these enhanced tools, as Concordium is fully integrated with GRACE.


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