Meet the new members of the Concordium Fam!

We are in full build mode and thrilled to see our team growing

June 15, 2023

Meet Emmanouil Lemonakis, Chief Business Development Officer. Lemonakis has a solid background from Saxo Bank where he spent 11 years working first as Executive Director - Head of CEE & MENA Regions, Chairman of Saxo Capital Markets Turkey and Global Head of Private & Corporate Client Business respectively.

As the Chief Business Development Officer for Concordium Labs, his role is to drive growth, establish strategic partnerships, and pave the way for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. He is excited to embark on this journey and has a clear vision for Concordium and his role in shaping its future.

First and foremost, he is dedicated to generating a multitude of high-quality leads for the Concordium blockchain. With a proactive and diverse approach, he will leverage his expertise to identify and engage potential use cases and partners who can benefit from our innovative solutions. By expanding our network and attracting new opportunities, he will position Concordium as a go-to platform for businesses seeking cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

Collaboration is key, and Lemonakis will closely work with Torben René Larsen and Torben Kaaber from the Marketing and Commercial departments respectively to define and implement efficient processes and systems.

Together, they will establish a streamlined framework that supports use cases and partners from generation to segmentation, follow-up, resource allocation, and ultimately to successful launch, funding, and after-sales support. By integrating automation and manual efforts, we will optimize our operations, ensuring a seamless journey for our use cases and partners and maximizing the conversion into active use cases on the Concordium platform.

In addition, he recognizes the importance of assisting various use cases by providing them with access to expertise. By leveraging our vast knowledge and resources, Lemonakis and the team will empower our partners to achieve their goals and aspirations. Whether it's through providing guidance, strategic advice, or facilitating connections, we will support our partners in harnessing the full potential of Concordium and building successful blockchain solutions.

In summary, his focus as the Chief Business Development Officer of Concordium Labs is to generate high-quality leads, establish efficient processes, and assist use cases in achieving their goals. Lemonakis is fully committed to driving growth, forging strategic partnerships, and creating an ecosystem where innovation and success thrive. By doing so, we will revolutionize industries, empower businesses, and propel Concordium towards becoming a global leader in blockchain technology.

You can book a meeting directly with Lemonakis here.

The marketing department also welcomes their latest team member: Milan Halas, a cryptonative community expert who will ignite our community efforts. He is an adept crypto-focused marketer and community builder, demonstrating remarkable expertise in growth marketing and community management. His acumen stretches across the full spectrum of the marketing process, from strategic conception to execution and meticulous optimization.

Milan is armed with a Master's degree in Marketing Management, complemented by technical understanding of Business Analytics. At Concordium, Milan's pivotal role involves augmenting cooperative endeavours to stimulate community growth and engagement.

In his previous role as Community Marketing Manager at Kleoverse, Milan honed his proficiency in creating comprehensive community roadmaps and devising innovative engagement strategies. Before Kleoverse, Milan collaborated with leading organizations in the Nordic region's Telecom and Energy sectors, further broadening his industry insights and experience. This unique blend of academic and professional experience positions Milan as an instrumental force in Concordium's vision to building a safer digital world.

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