Quidli announces on-ramp integration with the Concordium ecosystem and CCD token


Web 2 to Web 3 integration platform Quidli is pleased to announce today that it has integrated Concordium’s native token CCD, with its micro on-ramp environment. Quidli is a web app designed for groups to share crypto with top collaborators and community members through ordinary tools such as web browsers, email, Slack and Discord. Concordium, on the other hand, is a science-based proof-of-stake blockchain with a groundbreaking ID framework, designed to fuel the global transformation from the existing internet to Web 3.0 and beyond. The CCD token is now available on the Quidli dashboard, allowing anyone with a profile to deposit, send, and withdraw funds at the touch of a button. A well-developed tool that’s intuitive and simple to use, the Quidli x Concordium integration takes place within a powerful community-focused ecosystem that fosters connectivity and engagement, while also simplifying the Web 3.0 onboarding process.This will prove particularly useful for Web 3.0 marketing and community managers, and for anyone willing to drive even greater engagement and contributions throughout their active communities, by incentivizing active member participation.Justin Ahn, CEO of Quidli, says: “We’re excited to support the Concordium community, as well as for the opportunity to offer our own user base access to this exciting blockchain ecosystem and its native token CCD. We believe the CCD token has enormous potential to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and we’re happy to have been able to complete the integration in such a short time.”“Quidli is an awesome way to reward community members and event winners transparently,” says Torben Kaaber, Concordium’s Head of Commercial. “With Quidli we can show our community how much we appreciate their support, quickly and easily.”

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