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Concordium blockchain token

What is CCD?

CCD is the native token of the Concordium blockchain.

Its main use cases are the payment of transaction fees, the payment for the execution of smart contracts, payments between users, payments for commercial transactions, staking, and the rewards offered to node operators. In Concordium you don't just hold an asset; you become an active participant in a thriving ecosystem.

What is EUROe?

EUROe is the native stablecoin of the Concordium Blockchain.

EUROe is a digital version of euros, a blockchain native electronic money. It brings ease to enterprises and retail users as it's considered a cash equivalent in both accounting and taxation-related aspects. EUROe is fully backed with fiat euros held in licensed European financial institutions. It seamlessly connects the existing traditional banking system with trillions in deposits to the blockchain through its 1:1 mint and redemption mechanism

Where is CCD listed and how to store them?

CCD is available for both institutional and retail token holders. It is listed in the following exchanges and brokers. Some of these venues will guide you through their onboarding process and wallet choices

Moreover, you can store CCDs in three different ways : in an exchange or vendor wallet of your choice, in your own Concordium wallet or split across both.

Disclaimer: The information regarding the CCD on any Concordium website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase CCDs. The information on the CCD on this website is only directed to persons in countries other than the United States. Without limiting the foregoing, in no event would any offering of CCD by Concordium be intended to be available to residents of the United States. By clicking on any of the above links, you may be getting access to various services, including trading services. These services are offered by third parties and the use of such services are subject to terms of conditions defined by such third parties and Concordium is not responsible for and does not assume any liabilities in relation to the use of such services.

Institutional token holders

OTC secondary market


Custody/ Staking

Myrmidon Staking
For more information on institutional OTC desks, please contact Concordium.

Where is CCD tracked?


Foundational elements of digital assets

Understanding CEX, DEX & Wallet

Centralized exchanges

A centralised exchange where crypto can be bought, sold, and traded, while the overall marketplace this occurs in is managed by a central entity. They often have higher trading volumes and greater security.

Decentralized exchanges

Decentralised exchanges do not have a controlling entity, meaning that the power lies completely in the hands of the individual, without any intermediary needed. Smart contracts are used to facilitate the trades.


Any digital assets of crypto are stored in wallets, such as the Concordium wallet. Features of wallets vary, with some offering greater security and others offering faster possibilities to trade.

Generating rewards by staking


Staking involves holding and locking your crypto assets for a certain time period.

By staking your tokens, you support the blockchain and participate in rewards.

Managing owned CCDs


Delegating cryptocurrencies is when the coin holder grants the right to bake and earn rewards on the holder’s coins to a validator.

The tokens are then put to work by the validator, with an agreed split of the rewards between the validator and delegator.

Concordium trusted partners


AMDAX is an innovative digital asset management firm located in Amsterdam, and was the first crypto-service provider to be registered with The Dutch Central Bank.Currently, Amdax has over 500 million CCD in staking and delegation across two bakers 1915 & 1916.


Northstake is a regulated crypto investment platform providing integrated staking, trading and custody services minimizing counterparty risk for EU institutional investors. Northstake currently stakes more than $50m in crypto assets. As a front-runner in development of crypto investment products, Northstake develops and markets EU compliant investment products making it easy and safe to choose Northstake to build your crypto portfolio.

Virtual Hive

Virtual Hive is a German based technology provider delivering cutting-edge infrastructure for the web3 industry. powering Concordium as a staking provider with servers that are running on 100% renewable energy. Virtual Hive operates the official CCD high availability endpoint concordiumwalletnode.com, and have more than 65 million CCD staked across five different Bakers.


Stakely.io is a blockchain staking provider that aims to validate the most relevant and promising networks. The main focus of Stakely is to offer the best staking user experience, with step-by-step tutorials, FAQs, custom staking interfaces, referral programs, and staking insurance.


Myrmidon Staking is professional staking as a service provider based in Denmark. Our team poses many years of experience working in the industry, and commits 100% to the protocols we offer for staking, meaning we always stay invested in the protocols we offer for staking to our clients. At Myrmidon, we run dedicated nodes and back-ups at different locations, while hosting and maintenance is done in-house by our technical team. This ensures high uptime and low risk for penalties on the various networks we support.

Wallet interoperability across devices

Smooth transaction management

Ease of access matters: that’s why our wallet can be used securely from phone, laptop, or computer on any Chromium browser.

Amongst other features, the wallet easily connects to Dapps, manages tokens, and enables baking/delegating.



Contact us

Contact Institutional Relations Conor Ringland, if you would like more information on the project and introduction to Concordium’s independent ecosystem partners in market making, staking, ‘over the counter’ [OTC] secondary markets and custody solutions.

Head of Institutional Relations
Conor Ringland