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Welcome to Concordium's Grant Program – where innovation meets opportunity. We are seeking ambitious teams and individuals eager to contribute and grow with us. This quarter, we're focusing on Real World Asset tokenization (RWA) and AI - but we are open to all projects that can benefit the Concordium ecosystem. If you've got the vision and drive, we're here to amplify your impact. All applications received before the 1st of June will be reviewed by the 1st of July

The Grant Program Overview

Benefits of the program

Financial Support

Empowering your growth with essential funding - up to $100,000 for covering development cost

Technical Support

Access to cutting-edge tools and expertise.

Marketing Support

Amplifying your project's reach and visibility.
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Application Process and Timeline

Application Phase

Submit your project

Deadline: 1st of June
Review Phase

Our team evaluates each application

Completed by 20th of June
Decision Phase

Grant committee makes final decision on each application

Completed by 30th of June
Award Reveal

Announcing the successful applicants

Date: 1st of July
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Application tips

Prepare yourself before you apply

Understand Concordium's Vision

Tip: Align your project with Concordium's goals. Research and understand our focus areas for the quarter to ensure your project contributes meaningfully to our ecosystem.

Prepare a Detailed Proposal

Tip: Your application should clearly outline your project's objectives, milestones, and expected outcomes. Provide a comprehensive roadmap that demonstrates your commitment and planning.

Highlight Your Team's Strengths

Tip: Showcase your team's expertise and experience. Explain why your team is uniquely qualified to execute the project and how your backgrounds align with Concordium's mission.

Demonstrate Market Understanding

Tip: Provide evidence of your understanding of the market and potential challenges. Explain how your project addresses a specific need within the Concordium ecosystem.

Include a Clear Value Proposition

Tip: Articulate the value your project will bring to the Concordium community. Be specific about the benefits and potential impact of your project on the ecosystem.

Explore Concordium's Infrastructure

Dive Deep into Concordium's Ecosystem

From robust infrastructure to advanced tooling, learn how Concordium is paving the way for breakthroughs in blockchain technology.

Explore our ecosystem

Explore Documentation

Put yourself one step ahead by going through the Concordium documentation

Access our detailed documentation for insights into our advanced blockchain technology. Explore user guides, technical papers, and resources essential for developers and innovators in our ecosystem.

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