A solid science team ensures a safe and robust protocol

Leading scientists

Designed and implemented by leading scientists.

Cutting edge research

Scientists working with world-class universities on cutting edge research.

Publicly available

All our research is publicly available.

Sustainable growth and positive impact

Scientific approach provides a strong foundation that supports the sustainable growth and positive impact of blockchain technology

Deep cryptographic understanding

Deep mathematical and cryptographic understanding ensures the highest possible level of security.

Ahead of the curve

Being at the forefront of scientific research allows us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new developments.

Cutting edge research

Research allows the blockchain to innovate and rapidly move from cutting edge research to blockchain products.

Strong internal team of scientists

Meet the science team behind Concordium

The Concordium blockchain prides itself on its strong internal team of scientists with PhDs from world-class universities. Their main focus is cryptography and formal verification, regularly publishing research papers in leading international venues. Moreover, ConcordiumĀ“s science team collaborates with academic researches worldwide.


(Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus) at Aarhus University, which is partially funded by Concordium and consists of some of the best cryptographers in the world. Aarhus University is ranked #1 worldwide for cryptography.

ETH Zurich

One of the best universities in the world, widely considered the best in continental europe. Ranked #4 in the world in Computer Science.

ITU Copenhagen

Internationally recognised university ranked amongst the best in Europe and the world in the area of Computer Science, including blockchain and cryptography.