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An undertaking of such global scope as the Concordium Network requires high-powered minds with the experience, vision and tenacity to deliver—but not just that. We need a team capable of unifying science, development expertise and business savvy, amalgamating them into a single, solid product. That is the only way to deliver a project of this magnitude. Please note that the list of resources presented here includes only our C-level personnel and key science team members.

Concordium: Core Science Team

  • Science Advisor and Concordium Board Member
    Professor Ueli Maurer
    ETH Zurich

    Ueli Maurer is professor of computer science and head of the Information Security and Cryptography Research Group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich. His research interests include theory and applications of cryptography, information security, theoretical computer science, information theory, and discrete mathematics.

    One of his long-term research goals is to establish a constructive theory of cryptography and to apply it to the modular design of provably secure cryptographic protocols, especially in the blockchain space.

    Professor Maurer is known for his work on information-theoretic cryptography, the security analyses of the Diffie-Hellman protocol and the RSA system, the invention of the indifferentiability concept, his extended work on secure multiparty computation, a universal randomness test, and more.

  • Cryptography Lead
    Professor Ivan Damgård
    Aarhus University

    Professor Ivan Damgård holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University (1988). He is one of the top cited and published researchers in cryptography, fellow of the IACR and received the 2015 RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics.

    He has managed numerous research projects and holds an advanced ERC grant. As is well known to the blockchain community at large, Professor Damgård is a co-inventor of the Merkle–Damgård-construction, which is the principal cryptographic hash function that every blockchain in existence relies upon in some form or another.

  • Chief Scientific Advisor, Consensus Protocol
    Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen
    Aarhus University

    Professor of Computer Science at Aarhus University and the author of more than 70 scientific publications, Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University (2003) and has also worked at ETH Zürich as senior researcher.

    He is a leading expert on secure multiparty computation and has been a program committee chair for both the Theory of Cryptography Conference and the Eurocrypt Conference.

    He is a co-author (with Ivan Damgård and Ronald Cramer) of Secure Multiparty Computation and Secret Sharing, a seminal work on privacy in distributed computing environments.

  • Chief Scientific Advisor, Formal Verification
    Associate Professor Bas Spitters
    Aarhus University

    Professor Bas Spitters heads our formal verification team. Formal verification is a technique to prove, with mathematical certainty, that software meets its formal specification, thus making sure it behaves as desired. It is the highest level of software quality.

    Spitters, who holds a PhD in mathematics from Nijmegen University (2003), has received an elite Veni grant by Dutch NWO and was recently awarded a US Air Force Grant on computer-aided security proofs.

    He has served as work package leader of an EU project to make the formalization of mathematics feasible at scale, and has written close to 40 refereed publications.

  • Scientific Advisor, Cryptographic Protocol Design
    Assoc. Professor Claudio Orlandi
    Aarhus University

    Professor Claudio Orlandi holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University and heads our cryptographic protocol team. He is the author of more than 30 scientific publications in cryptography and security, and a leading researcher on secure multiparty computation and zero-knowledge protocols.

    He has managed a number of national and international research projects, and has served as chair of CryptoAction, a European network for research in cryptography (2014-2018).

    Claudio Orlandi has received a prestigious Danish DFF Starting Grant (2016) and an ERC Starting Grant (2018). He has also worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Privacy Design
    Chaya Ganesh, PhD
    Aarhus University

    Chaya Ganesh is a postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University. She received her PhD from New York University under the supervision of Professor Yevgeniy Dodis. Her research is in cryptography and she is particularly interested in secure computation and zero-knowledge protocols.

    Chaya Ganesh was awarded the Henry MacCracken Fellowship by NYU during her doctoral studies. She also has experience with research in the industry and has completed internships at Microsoft Research, Bell Labs, and Visa Research.

    She has published several research papers in top conferences, and has served on the program committees of CANS and SEC.

Concordium: Core Execution Team

  • Concordium Foundation Chairman
    Lars Seier Christensen
    Concordium Group

    Lars Seier Christensen co-founded Saxo Bank, a pioneer in FX and derivatives trading, in 1992. He served as co-CEO of the bank for more than 20 years before stepping down in 2016 to focus on other investments.

    During his years at Saxo, the bank grew to 1500 employees, spread across more than 20 locations around the world. SaxoTrader, the bank’s flagship online trading offering was first launched in 1998 as one of the first online FX trading platforms ever. Since then SaxoTrader has grown to become one of the world’s most complete multi-asset platforms.

    Mr. Christensen experienced first-hand the major regulatory changes transforming derivative trading services to private clients and smaller institutions, and this practical experience is incredibly valuable for understanding the regulatory roadmap ahead for cryptocurrencies and financial blockchain applications.

    Contact Lars

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Mateusz Tilewski
    Concordium Group

    Mateusz Tilewski began programming at 8 years old and started his first software consultancy boutique at 16. Today, at 39, he is a successful entrepreneur with several exits behind him.

    Mr. Tilewski has been involved in blockchain from the very beginning and created what was probably the world’s first Bitcoin payment gateway as well as the world’s first on-chain voting system.

    Extensive experience in software architecture and development has made Mr. Tilewski a much sought-after senior software consultant. He has been helping several major corporations structure and execute Big Data, AI and blockchain projects over the last five years.

    Contact Mateusz

  • Chief Marketing Officer
    Soren Kenner
    Concordium Group

    Mr. Kenner is widely recognized as an expert in online marketing and community building with a proven track record of delivering rapid and successful market entry and boosting for the companies he works with—a skill set crucial to Concordium’s outreach to community members, partners and allies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena.

    He is successful entreprenour with several exits behind him and a former Chairman of McCann Erickson MRM EMEA with responsibility for more than 1500 European employees.

    Contact Soren

  • Chief Legal Advisor
    Bjorn Krog Andersen
    Concordium Group

    Mr. Andersen has extensive regulatory and compliance experience and advises fintech, regtech and blockchain companies in his practice, in addition to doing both VC and PE-related M&A work. Mr. Andersen was General Counsel of Saxo Bank Group for six years, heading its legal, regulatory and compliance departments globally.

    This experience provides Mr. Andersen with a deep understanding and insight into regulatory concerns and worldwide obligations within KYC/AML and investor protection-related topics.

    Mr. Andersen serves as chief legal advisor to Concordium and coordinates all legal and regulatory issues with its outside advisors.

    Contact Bjorn

  • Science Liaison Officer
    Daniel Tschudi

    Daniel Tschudi is a postdoctoral fellow at Aarhus University. Mr. Tschudi holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees, both in Mathematics, from ETH Zurich.

    He did his PhD in Computer Science at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Professor Ueli Maurer. His research has been in cryptography with a focus on secure computation protocols.

    He maintains research interest in cryptocurrencies and anonymous communication. He has published several research papers in leading IACR conferences and distributed computing flagship venues.

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  • Chief Operating Officer
    Conor Ringland
    Concordium Group

    Conor Ringland has worked in capital and financial markets in London for over 30 years, spending 12 years in the futures and FX markets as an analyst managing traders, working through the open outcry era into the digital era across all asset classes.

    He spent seven years at E*TRADE building their derivatives platform and B2B business, following which he joined Saxo Bank to head up their UK commercial proposition that focused on digital platform strategies to key accounts such as CITI, Barclays and TD Waterhouse.

    After eight successful years at Saxo, Mr. Ringland joined Lloyds Commercial Bank to head up their Financial Markets digital proposition across their credit rates and FX businesses.

    Contact Conor

  • Chief Financial Officer
    Jørgen Hauglund
    Concordium Group

    Mr. Hauglund has extensive experience in the fields of financial planning, accounting, budgeting, controlling and reporting from positions in a number of large Danish corporations, including Saxo Bank, ISS, Sydbank, A.P. Moller–Maersk and the East Asiatic Company.

    He has worked for a number of years as a consultant focusing on financial management, shareholder value concepts and corporate documentation/compliance.

    In addition, Mr. Hauglund has held senior management positions in investment companies focusing on shipping and real estate transactions.

    Contact Jorgen

Concordium: Advisory board

  • Professor of Macroeconomics Hans Gersbach, ETH

    Hans Gersbach is Professor of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and a CEPR Research Fellow. His research interests include monetary economics, banking, innovation and growth, and the design of new economic and political institutions. He has invented several voting and election schemes such as Assessment Voting, Co-Voting and History-bound Elections. His long-term objective is to implement new forms of democracy and to establish a complete, consistent and well-functioning governance system for blockchains. Theoretical foundations for his more recent work have been published in two monographs, “Redesigning Democracy: More Ideas for Better Rules” and “Groups and Markets” (co-authored with Hans Haller). Hans Gersbach also serves in the Scientific Advisory of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energyand was recently awarded the Science Prize of the City of Basel for his outstanding research.

  • Former Secretary General of NATO
    Anders Fogh Rasmussen
    Rasmussen Global

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen served three terms as Prime Minister of Denmark from 2001 to 2009 after which he served five years as Secretary General of NATO. As prime minister of Denmark, Mr. Rasmussen was at the helm of a long period of continued growth and prosperity.

    After stepping down as Secretary General for NATO in 2014,  Mr. Rasmussen founded Rasmussen Global, a political consultancy dedicated to issues regarding democracy, security policy, the EU and economic development.

    In 2017,  Mr. Rasmussen founded the Alliance of Democracies, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of democracy and free markets across the globe. He is also a senior advisor at Boston Consulting Group.

  • Fintech expert
    Lone Fønss Schrøder
    IKEA and AKER boards and Vice-chair VOLVO

    Mrs Fønss today serves as Vice Chairman of the board of Volvo Cars, is a board member of Ingka (IKEA GROUP) and Aker Group and is the co-founder of the Bank Fin-tech Cashworks. She also served as a senior advisor to Credit Suisse.

    She was a Senior Vice President at AP Møller Mærsk, one of Denmarks largest conglomerates and have previously served on the boards of Saxo Bank, Valmet, Handelsbanken, Vattenfall, YARA and WWL.

  • Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ
    Hans-Ole Jochumsen

    Hans-Ole Jochumsen has served as president of global trading and market services at Nasdaq from 2008 to 2017, where he became vice chairman. In his role as president, he oversaw cash and derivatives within the area of equities, fixed income, commodities and currency trading.

    Mr. Jochumsen has played a major role in Nasdaq acquisitions including the US$400 million purchase of Chi-X Canada and the US$1.1 billion deal for International Securities in 2016. From 2010–2013 he served as president of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges.

    As an advisor to Concordium,  Mr. Jochumsen delivers an unparalleled understanding of regulatory issues relating to exchanges and trading.

  • Monetary Economist
    Lars Christensen
    Money and Markets Advisory

    Lars Christensen is an internationally renowned Danish economist specializing in international economy, emerging markets and monetary policy.

    He accumulated more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector and banking before founding his own consultancy, Markets and Money Advisory, which helps governments around the world craft economic policies.

    Mr. Christensen is a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, sits on the advisory boards of the Maghreb Economic Forum in Tunisia and Swicorp. He is a regular contributor to the Danish business daily Børsen and Geopolitical Intelligence Services.

  • Chief Investment Officer
    Steen Jakobsen
    Saxo Bank

    Steen Jakobsen has more than 25 years of experience within the fields of proprietary trading and alternative investment. After finishing his studies in Economics at Copenhagen University in 1989, he started his career at Citibank N.A. Copenhagen from where he moved to Hafnia Merchant Bank as Director, Head of Sales and Options.

    In 1992, he joined Chase Manhattan in London as VP, Head of Scandinavian Sales, and then the Chase Manhattan Proprietary Trading Group. From 1995–1997 he worked as a proprietary trader and Head of Flow Desk at Swiss Bank Corp., London.

    In 1997, he became Global Head of Trading, FX and Options at Christiania (now Nordea) in New York until he joined UBS in New York in 1999 as the Executive Director in the Global Proprietary Group.

    He joined Saxo Bank in 2000 and after a brief departure to Limus Capital Partners, where he was Chief Investment Officer for two years, he returned to the bank in 2011 as Chief Investment Officer.

  • Former Head of Markets
    Claus Nielsen
    Saxo Bank

    Claus Nielsen served as Head of Markets for Saxo Bank for 15 years from 2003 to 2018. He was responsible for all global trading and execution-related activities (including product development) run out of Saxo Bank’s headquarters in Copenhagen as well as the Singapore office.

    He was also responsible for Risk Management, Saxo Prime (API), Sales Trading and SaxoStrats (research and analysis), Markets services +35,000 OTC and listed instruments via a wide range of banks and trading venues.

    Prior to Saxo Bank he worked in various trading positions in FX Spot, Options and Futures and also worked in Research and Sales at Handelsbanken and at Jyske Bank.

  • Executive Vice President
    Peter Klein

    Peter joins the Concordium advisory board with over 20 years of leadership and business management experience in banking, technology and fintech. Peter is currently EVP at Mastercard, charged with leading the firms overall payments product strategy. Prior to this, Peter worked extensively in the very dynamic payments space with a focus on redefining and transforming the existing global cross border payments model.

    Before shifting his focus to payments and Fintech, Peter spent numerous years on the banking side, leading and growing multi-million dollar global Clearing and FX Prime brokerage businesses and teams at both Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. While there, he also represented the banks investment interests on several boards including Traiana and LCH ForexClear.

    In 2006 Peter lead the successfully establishment and launch of Saxo Banks first ever overseas branch in London, hiring some 170 people in the first year alone. Saxo Bank is a pioneer in online trading and investment management. Prior to this Peter spent 9 years with Citibank, establishing and running several of its high growth electronic trading platform businesses across multiple regions including, Scandinavia, Australia and the UK. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Management and Finance from Macquarie University, Sydney (2004).