Developed through cryptography

A regulation-ready blockchain built by expert scientists

The Concordium Blockchain Research Centre Aarhus is the beating heart of blockchain innovation nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of Aarhus University. Concordium´s talented science and engineering team is weaving the threads of cryptography, sculpting ingenious protocols and security models.

The goal is to build a strong blockchain with a focus on business and regulatory compliance. All research performed in the center is open-source and patent-free and will help build a solid foundation for the entire blockchain space.

Dedicated research and development

Scientific approach provides a strong foundation that supports the sustainable growth and positive impact of blockchain technology

The Concordium blockchain prides itself on its strong internal team of scientists with PhDs from world-class universities.

Their main focus is cryptography and formal verification, regularly publishing research papers in leading international venues. Moreover, Concordium's science team collaborates with academic researches worldwide.

Together with leading scientists, such as Ivan Damsgaard and Torben Pryds, we have been involved in the publication of over 100 research papers.


ConcordiumBFT, built on the robust HotStuff consensus protocol, marks a pivotal advancement in blockchain technology, offering faster, more consistent block production and significantly improved transaction finalization times.


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Scientific approach provides a strong foundation that supports the sustainable growth and positive impact of blockchain technology


Tokenization involves turning real-world assets into digital tokens on a blockchain. Just like money can be represented physically in bills and coins, you can also represent physical assets or ownership rights digitally using tokens.

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Community-driven tokenomics

The future isn’t built by one person, or one company. Concordium provides trusted building blocks and encourages development through its tokenomics model that combines low transaction fees for usecases and rewards for CCD-holders.

The transaction fees are stable against the euro, allowing companies to effectively plan operating costs and manage volatility.

Block rewards
Classified as a payment token
Community-based governance

Concordium  DeFi-TradFi Report

The merging of Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) represents a promising evolution with the capacity to transform the financial sector.

Download our report to discover the delicate equilibrium between fostering innovation and ensuring compliance for the seamless integration of these two financial ecosystems.

Transparency report June 2023

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For Developers

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Explore the possibilities we offer and build your own projects on a secure, transparent and compliant blockchain platform.

Both commercial and technical support is available and we fund a large number of grants, enabling developers from varied backgrounds to build successful projects for the future.