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Concordium ambassadors are individuals who embody our core values and possess a zeal to recognize and communicate the potential of Concordium’s blockchain.

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Becoming an Ambassador is ideal for those who are either talented or seeking to develop their craft and wish to engage more deeply with the Concordium community. Each contribution is valuable and is rewarded accordingly.

Why join?

Work side by side with pioneers of regulation-ready blockchain technology.
Network with others and build your own professional portfolio.
Learn about identity technologies from industry leaders.
Represent Concordium in your local community.
Have an impact on the Concordium trajectory through community ideas.
Awesome merch and NFTs.
Much more!

“When contribution is the root, reward is the blossom.”

Content Library

Dive into a world where knowledge flows freely. Every piece you see here – from insightful articles to inspiring videos – is available for you to reuse, remix, and repurpose. Our library thrives on collaboration, offering a wealth of resources at your fingertips, all licensed for your creative freedom.

Have something to add?

Your insights and creations can find a home here, too. Upload your own work to enrich our collective library. Together, we're building an ever-expanding repository of open resources, powered by and for our community.

Join us in shaping a future where information is accessible, and innovation knows no bounds.

Frequently asked questions

What prerequisites must be met to join the esteemed ranks of Concordium ambassadors?

Each ambassador must have a Concordium account and agree to the rules specified in the Concordium community on the Concordium Ambassadors event page.

What is the process for submitting an application to become a Concordium ambassador?

Visit the Concordium Ambassador Program event page, agree to the rules and complete the tasks.

What standards and benchmarks do you use to assess and select ambassadors?

The output you produce must be of high quality and consistent. We welcome and are open to everyone, but only the most active will be able to move to the next level.

In what manner are Ambassadors acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions?

1 XP = 0.1 USD
At the end of each level, the leaderboard results are taken into account. There is a minimum number of XP points for each level that must be earned to qualify for an award and be allowed to advance to the next level.

What responsibilities and tasks are anticipated from individuals accepted into the Ambassador Program?

There are 3 roles in total - Content Creators, Community Advocates and Commercial Connectors. Tasks for each role are available on the Concordium Ambassadors event page.

What is the duration of the Concordium ambassador program?

The Concordium ambassador program is divided into seasons. A season is divided into levels and lasts approximately 3 months. There are 3 levels in a season. Each of them lasts 1 month. At the beginning of each season, all new participants start at the first level.

Is it possible to reapply for the ambassador program in the future?

The nature of the program is repetitive. If you miss the first season, you can start at the first level of the next season. You cannot start immediately with the second or third level.

I've completed all 3 levels of the season. What should I do next?

Having completed all 3 levels in a season and confirmed your ethereal passion for Concordium, you can make suggestions in the direction of the development vector in the Ambassador role you are responsible for. In addition to recognition and visibility, top-ranking Ambassadors will be eligible for special, dedicated awards.

What advantages and perks come with being a Concordium ambassador?

In addition to material rewards, you will be provided with everything you need to present Concordium to the public. Go all the way to the end of the season, receive a special NFT as a token of recognition and honor.

How is the performance of ambassadors evaluated within the program?

Concordium wants to take your skills into account, so your contributions will be evaluated personally by community managers. The most outstanding contributions will be highlighted and rewarded with additional XP points.

What avenues are available for ambassadors seeking assistance with queries or challenges?

The most preferable is to use the ticket system on the Concordium Discord server. Our community managers are also available in the official Telegram group.

Who will be reaching out to me in the event that I am chosen to participate in the program?

You will be helped to settle in and get used to your new role by other program participants and responsive community managers.

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