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Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)

Concordium embraces the synergy between sustainability and blockchain by enhancing the credibility of ESG with a trusted, secure, and transparent platform that provides accountability.

Build ESG solutions on Concordium


Your green data is secured on a green, carbon neutral blockchain designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind.


Concordium's identity layer is an accountable ecosystem that verifies the identity of issuers, contributors, auditors and more.


Built by the world’s leading scientists and cryptographers to support compliance and regulatory requirements to maintain the highest standards of credibility for projects.

Use cases

Solutions built on Concordium

There are currently four pillars within the Concordium ecosystem around ESG

Renewable Energy Certificates
Carbon Markets
ESG reporting
Supply Chain & Traceability

Build impactful solutions for the planet

Concordium is an energy-efficient PoS blockchain connecting environmentally-conscious leaders, technologists, scientists, responsible enterprises, and the Concordium community to develop innovative solutions for positive planet impact.

CO2 emission
Annualized CO2 emission per Concordium transaction
Carbon Footprint
Annualized carbon footprint in tonnes of CO2
Net carbon impact
Net carbon impact since launch

What is the problem

Putting trust in the green transition

Carbon markets are an important part of solving the climate crisis and they face many challenges such as a lack of transparency, high costs, greenwashing, limited data availability, double counting of credits, and limited pricing data.

Concordium delivers trusted regulatory readiness with its identity component, reducing fraudulent activities. Likewise, Concordium is very useful for tracking energy production and creating energy certificates.

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Build ESG solutions on Concordium