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Concordium’s native stablecoin

EUROe is the native stablecoin of the Concordium Blockchain.

Fiat-backed stability
Seamless transactions
MiCA Compliant
Cross-border payments
Thorough AML & CFT Processes Minimise Risks

What is EUROe?

EUROe is the native stablecoin of the Concordium Blockchain.

EUROe is a digital version of euros, a blockchain native electronic money. It brings ease to enterprises and retail users as it's considered a cash equivalent in both accounting and taxation-related aspects. EUROe is fully backed with fiat euros held in licensed European financial institutions. It seamlessly connects the existing traditional banking system with trillions in deposits to the blockchain through its 1:1 mint and redemption mechanism.

The integration of EUROe offers benefits to companies, investors, builders, and users of the modern blockchain.

Crypto-asset service providers and other key stakeholders integrating with the Concordium blockchain can ensure their continued compliance as the European crypto markets move towards fully adopting the Markets in Crypto Assets regulation introduced in June 2023. Users of Concordium also enjoy an improved risk profile as they can shift from bridged stablecoins to a natively issued stablecoin designed for Concordium.

Unlock the Power of Stablecoins

Rapid Transactions & Enhanced Privacy:

Experience the speed and confidentiality of crypto transactions with the added stability stablecoins offer. Ideal for both individual users and DApps.

Trustworthy and Unchangeable:

Built on blockchain, stablecoins guarantee transparent and immutable transactions, fostering trust and reliability in every exchange.


In the dynamic world of the Metaverse, rely on the security, liquidity, and stability that stablecoins provide, ensuring smooth operation of DApps and secure user transactions.

Beyond Traditional Finance:

Enjoy the unique advantages over conventional currencies, like lower transaction fees and quicker settlements, thanks to blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Compatible:

Seamlessly integrate with blockchain-based smart contracts for more efficient, cost-effective, and intermediary-free transactions.

Build with EUROe

Building with EUROe allows blockchain projects to leverage a stable and compliant digital currency, enhancing transaction efficiency and broadening the scope of potential applications.

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Frequently asked questions

What is EUROe?

EUROe brings the Euro into Web3 and the DApps of the future.   It lets your users transact in Euro without needing to worry about ‘crypto’, bitcoins and shady actors.  In fact, it takes the crypto out of crypto.

What’s Concordium’s interest?

A payment method is key for developers on almost all applications. EUROe is a fully regulated, authorized payment instrument where one EUROe is the equivalent of a Euro.

Is it a Concordium product?

No, EUROe is offered by Membrane Finance OY.  Concordium Foundation supports organizations who want to bring innovation to the Concordium blockchain ecosystem.

How does it work?

You can see demo videos on the Concordium website, and of course, if you want to buy CCD, add them to your wallet and use them in an application or simply transfer them to friends for a single low transaction fee of approximately 10 cents regardless of amount, please feel free.

Where can I buy EUROe?

Initially, two venues are available: Swipelux and Wert. Others will be online as soon. For larger transactions, Membrane Finance, the operator behind EUROe will facilitate.  

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