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Own your data

Identity matters now more than ever as most of our lives are lived digitally, but how can you tell if you are dealing with a real person or what you are dealing with on the other side?

Verification and authentication are crucial to establishing trust.

Concordium puts users in the drive's seat when it comes to their data ownership, unlike Web2 where data is owned and controlled by Big Tech rather than individual users, exposing them to data security breaches, targeting, potential censorship, discrimination, and more.


Manage your digital identity


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Data ownership

Own your data and control your privacy

A game-changing infrastructure

What is Web3ID?

Web3ID™ allows companies or individuals (issuers) to make claims about users (holders) and create proofs of these claims using a special cryptographic signature. 

Other parties (verifiers) can verify these statements by requesting a zero-knowledge proof. The state of the issued credential is stored on the Concordium blockchain to make it immutable and decentralized.

Web3ID™ is a game-changing identity infrastructure that will help Web2 businesses implement and adopt Web3.

Concordium’s Web3 ID™

Why Web3ID?

Concordium´s Web3ID™ is a much-needed identity infrastructure for businesses and individuals alike. Centralized identity management systems are predominantly used for user data handling. However, centralization has many drawbacks such as data exploitation and security risks.

Concordium’s Web3 ID™ empowers people and businesses to own their data with self-sovereign identity. The decentralized nature of this blockchain identity platform enables programmable privacy, facilitating secure, private, and compliant interactions with Web3 services.

Concordium adds significant value to any company

Any company requiring ID documents and verification can harness the power of Concordium's innovative services. There are many verticals that Concordium adds advantages to adding tremendous value to companies and individuals alike.


Car Sharing Companies

Can verify user´s credentials to confirm they have a valid driver´s license and are above the required age limit. Users can confirm this information without revealing unnecessary details.


Medical certification

Medical license boards can issue licenses as a verifiable credential. These can be shared with any hospital, clinic, or medical department holders seek to join, enabling clinics and hospitals to confirm their legitimacy.


Proof of unique humanity

Web3ID™ can be used to prove that you are a unique human being and not a bot.


Passwordless authentication

Seamlessly login to any portal with your Web3ID™ via a blockchain wallet.


Easy onboarding

Once users receive a verification credential, they can use them multiple times across platforms to onboard themselves.


Reputation management

Users' reputation is available across decentralized applications (dApps) without having to start from scratch each time.