Behind Concordium


Skilled professionals and a visionary foundation paving the road to a safer tomorrow with blockchain technology.

Empowerment to individuals and businesses

Creating a safer digital world by empowering individuals and industries to harness the potential of blockchain

Concordium aims to empower individuals and businesses to navigate Web3 confidently by providing a science-backed, environmentally responsible Layer1 blockchain that enables verifiable self-sovereign data ownership and secure transactions at low cost.

With Concordium, users can harness the power of blockchain technology responsibly while fostering trust in the digital world. This is due to our commitment to transparency, sustainability, compliance, privacy, and safety.

“The best researchers in the world are sitting right here at Aarhus University. It is unique that all the right people with the right competencies are gathered at one department, and they create a solid scientific foundation for the Concordium Blockchain Research Center”

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman & Co-Funder Concordium.

Talented and experienced professionals

The Team

High-level expertise and proven past performance is demonstrated across every department of Concordium, creating a company centred around passion and excellence.

Foundation Board

The Concordium Foundation board consists of our founders and highly reputed professionals.

Lars Seier Christensen
Banking Circle
Bjørn Krog Andersen
Former CFO
Ian Zhang
Simone Monnerat
Professor, ETH Zurich
Ueli Maurer

Advisory Board

Concordium Foundation’s advisory board is made up of highly esteemed experts and leaders of influential organizations and universities including NASDAQ, Mastercard and ETH.

Former Vice-Chair of NASDAQ and FCSE Chair
Hans-Ole Jochumsen
Former Skype COO
Michael Jackson
Paul Docherty
EVP, Global Strategy and Solutions, Mastercard
Peter Klein
Professor, ETH Zurich
Roger Wattenhofer

Science Team

Concordium has a team of outstanding software engineers, cryptographers and researchers unlocking technological advances

Senior Scientist
Christian Matt
Senior Scientist
Christopher Portmann
Tech Lead Manager
Daniel Tschudi
Senior Scientist
Danil Annenkov
Scientist II
Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh

Scientific Partners


The Concordium Foundation has provided grants to the Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus (COBRA), Aarhus University, to support research into blockchain technology.

Associate Professor, COBRA
Bas Spitters
PHD Student, COBRA
Benjamin Hvass
Associate Professor, COBRA
Claudio Orlandi
Assistant Professor, COBRA
Diego Aranha
Professor, COBRA
Ivan Damgård
Professor, COBRA
Jesper Buus Nielsen
Research Assistant, COBRA
Lasse Letager Hansen
PHD Student, COBRA
Simon Holmgaard Kamp
PHD Student, COBRA
Søren Eller Thomsen

ETH Zurich

The Concordium Foundation is also cooperating with the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich in the field of blockchain technology and in particular delegation and Staking in Proof-of-Stake Blockchains.

Professor, ETH Zurich
Hans Gersbach

IT University of Copenhagen

IT University of Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s leading universities on IT research and education. Bernardo David, an ITU associate professor, collaborates closely with Concordium on consensus protocols and multiparty computation.

Associate Professor, ITU
Bernardo David
PHD Student, ITU
Lorenzo Gentile

The Indian Institute of Science

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is India’s leading institution of advanced education and research in sciences and in engineering. IISc is now part of Concordium’ Academic Council, the academic relationship between Concordium and the Indian Institute of Science is led by Chaya Ganesh.

Associating Professor, IISc
Chaya Ganesh

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Frequently asked questions

What is Concordium?

Concordium is a science-based proof-of-stake blockchain, the first in the world with identification built into the protocol and designed to meet regulatory requirements. See our Chairman of the Foundation, Lars Seier Christensen, describe the vision of Concordium. 

What problem is Concordium trying to solve?

Concordium is trying to solve the quadrilemma of scalability, security, decentralization, and regulation. We believe it is necessary to solve for compliance and regulatory requirements in order to unlock trillions of potential business transactions using blockchain.

What is the dominant use case for your blockchain?

Concordium CCD is a standard blockchain asset directly in Layer-1. Concordium is the only blockchain with ID embedded at its protocol layer. It supports secure transfers and immediate transaction settlement. Concordium Smart Contracts are very versatile and have vast usage capabilities. They can be applied to different sectors and industries, such as IoT, Supply Chain finance, Mobility-as-a-service, as well as tackling interoperability between other platforms and blockchains.

Has the Concordium network been through a security audit?

Yes. You can read more about it   here and here.

The Concordium Platform is designed to be fast, secure and cost-effective, which is why Concordium and Kudelski Security have been working together to perform threat modeling, code review, and “scenario based” assessment of the underlying code and logic of the Concordium software. The scope of work is split into four categories: Device, Network, Backend and Reverse Engineering.

We are satisfied with the audit returns and positive feedback and will continue to do everything to make Concordium as secure as possible. However, we understand that in the world of security there is never an end to the work that can be done, therefore we ask our community to help us identify potential vulnerabilities by submitting a report or alerting the team and the community on our community channels on Discord or Telegram.

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